Since the launch of their first LP AlphabhangraPsychedelicFunkin (Nation records 1999), RECYCLER also released Iboga in 2003, before being signed to Kube Recordings in 2006. In mid 2007 the Dancing Feet EP and their third album Massa Boom Boom have been released on digital format: – This Money Shot EP takes 3 songs from the album and twists them into dark, filthy, psychedelic shapes giving dirty dancing its true meaning. From the heavy bass, strong African rhythms and warped vocals of 5 minutes of free pornography (Klub mix) to the rich lush eastern flavoured dub of Besh Atli, and the explosive electronic beats and samples on Dancing Feet (écorché mix).


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these tracks:
"Le petit bonhomme petri"
"Rufaï Dr Xépé mix"
"Turn it up live version"



Brand new Recycler tracks:
Kooloolétikool - Rhum & morito - Rufaï
Turn it up - Akashinga - le petit bonhomme petri
more to come soon!

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contact Recycler : Tcherno M. +33(0)6 80 60 16 37

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